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A Professional Estate Liquidation Company
P.O. Box 3055  Fairfield, Ca 94533 
(707) 688-0478

Our Vallejo Estate

 A European Vacation, An Upscale  Vallejo Estate.

Sales dates are:

Wednesday, November 28th 9-4

Thursday, November 29th 9-4

Friday, November 30th 9-sold out

 (maybe a little earlier on Friday  open) 

See our Google Link here for our many pictures. 

Address available after November 26th 9am

Look at our pictures and save the date! 

This Vallejo European estate liquidation is brimming full of French Provincial furniture, Llardo's, imported rugs, imported dolls, Waterford crystal, Capodimonte, Oil paintings and many more upscale  sumptuous collectibles to fill your home.

Upon walking into this 3 story enormous home, you will be overwhelmed with all the fine treasure from this long time Vallejo resident.  

There is so much here that we're not even going to try and make a list. Just look at our large collection of over 340+ pictures and see for yourself just how large this sale is. 

Bring your boxes, cash and patience to this huge  sale and make your best deal!  



Our Terms and Conditions that nobody ever reads.

Yes,  we have rules like everyone else. Movin'On has been around so long that we wrote most of them. Things like be nice, bring help, no returns, no cutting, no stealing, and yes, removing or switching stickers is stealing.  We limit the amount of people inside the home to keep our customers safe, keep the insurance company happy and help us stay sane. We don’t do list either and if you injure yourself we'll call the paramedics  for you, but we're not responsible for any damages.

You need to pay in cash, so be prepared. We don't take credit cards but will accept your local check if under $100 with current id. We also don’t quote prices and never presale items. YES, we are  a business and sales tax is always included.  It’s not a garage sale  so please don't pretend it is. If you're looking for a garage sale look for the signs in the neighborhood,  they are everywhere. However, don't mix them up with Solano County’s original and professional PINK signs, those are ours. One last thing,  unattended children will be placed inside furniture  and sold for a cheap price.

We take pride in our sales. You can be sure there are always good quality items and collectibles at our sales as we won't take a job on unless we think it will be successful. Our customers know this but as a consequence  we have long lines, sometimes very long lines. Just ask  Eden B. from YELP,  she's still mad at us for not taking her sale.

Movin’On wants you to have fun! So if you feel you're having the "worst experience..ever” waiting in line like Ron S. or "waste my time" like Viva H both from YELP did, we want you to take time meeting the many other interesting people who are also waiting in that long line. You just never know, you might enjoy yourself after all.

Movin'On Estate Sales is the oldest and most experienced estate sale and liquidation company in Solano County! With 38+ years of combined hands-on experience, you don’t have to look any further for a local estate liquidation specialist. 

Should you or anyone one you know have questions about conducting an estate sale, please feel free to contact Tinamarie at 707-688-0478


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